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Hi, my name is Steve.  I am a Nerdcore Hip Hop artist from Seattle, Washington.  I have been a performer for over 20 years in various bands.  I rap about my feelings and the fandoms that I immerse myself in.  As my first solo project, I recognized an opportunity to personalize my music in hopes to untangle my, and hopefully help others, various feelings and neurosis through the properties I enjoy and use to escape normal life.  

Within the Nerdcore and convention scene I am often known as C0splay, one of two MCs in the trio Death*Star.  I have performed and appeared at various conventions, also creating panel content for them, like Penny Arcade Expo West, Emerald City Comic Con, NorwesCon, Rose City Comic Con, Nerdapalooza, and many others.  

With this project I am able to get more personal and utilize my love of hip hop and Nerdcore to express my emotions while still hopefully entertaining audiences.  I work with Producer and DJ, Bill Beats, to bring forward what are often meaningful and heavy topics in a bit more of a palatable way.  

Please feel free to contact me for booking shows, conventions, and other events, or if you just want to talk about video games, science fiction, fantasy, or whatever you like.  I promise, even though I'm a giant hairy nerd, I don't bite and I DO shower regularly.  

Thank you for coming to my website and learning a bit more about me.

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